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Knowing me, is easy! Just continue reading. I was born in Cebu, Philippines.  I graduated my Bachelors´ Degree major in Marketing in one of renomated University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City, Philippines. Cebu is one of an important staging area and crossroad for trade;   the area´s sheltered harbor long serving as a hub for travellers and merchants from exotic foreign lands such as China, Singapore, Java, Indonesia, and even the far off Indian sub-continent.

Want to know more about Cebu?  Are you planning to travel Philippines?  Don´t  hesitate to write me, i promise to answer your Mail as soon as i can.

I am now living in one of rich country in Europe, Munich Germany since 1985, working as a registered Nurse in Munich.  The best-kept tourist in Germany,  the biggest "Oktoberfest", it is a harvest festival to preserve the traditon of spawning season. I like travelling.  I travelled in many different places in Europe, Asian and Egypt.

Nursing job is a hard work,  we do the hardest and least  respected job.  Travelling give me some break-free.

Want to visit Munich?  just leave me a message!

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